You’re a winner!

Today at Lotusphere IBM has announced Open Logic as the WINNER of the award for “Distinguished Business Partner of the Year” for the NE IOT (roughly Western Europe-ish to those not immersed in IBM terminology).

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Lotusphere 2009 newbie

So I survived my first day at Lotusphere! A couple of things happened:

  • I was told off by Dave Hay for not updating this blog in 2 months. He was right, of course.
  • I had a REALLY interesting chat with the guys from Alphalogix about their portal and forms solution
  • And I bumped into some fun folks from Ascendant and had really interesting conversation about WICA

All in all a really good day. The Alphalogix stuff is interesting because integrating Lotus Forms, WebSphere Portal and Process Server is hard work, and many customers don’t want to go there – so something lighter is pretty handy and welcome.
The Ascendant conversation was good because anything that helps bring consistency to WebSphere deployments is really, really welcome!