Lotusphere 2009 newbie

So I survived my first day at Lotusphere! A couple of things happened:

  • I was told off by Dave Hay for not updating this blog in 2 months. He was right, of course.
  • I had a REALLY interesting chat with the guys from Alphalogix about their portal and forms solution
  • And I bumped into some fun folks from Ascendant and had really interesting conversation about WICA

All in all a really good day. The Alphalogix stuff is interesting because integrating Lotus Forms, WebSphere Portal and Process Server is hard work, and many customers don’t want to go there – so something lighter is pretty handy and welcome.
The Ascendant conversation was good because anything that helps bring consistency to WebSphere deployments is really, really welcome!


One thought on “Lotusphere 2009 newbie

  1. And it’s now been two years since you updated this blog, let alone two months 🙂

    Obviously a man with (a) nothing to say or (b) more likely, too much to do 🙂

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