You’re a winner!

Today at Lotusphere IBM has announced Open Logic as the WINNER of the award for “Distinguished Business Partner of the Year” for the NE IOT (roughly Western Europe-ish to those not immersed in IBM terminology).

As the site says:

This Award honours the top IBM Business Partner from each of six major regions of the world. Winners will have demonstrated increased revenue attainment and loyalty to IBM, along with the ability to open new local markets, and to maintain a positive stature in the Business Partner community. Business Partners considered for this award significantly impact Lotus’ (inclusive of WebSphere Portal) position in the marketplace and will be considered rising stars amongst their peers.

This is a huge milestone for Open Logic and one that we should all be massively proud of. This is the highest level of award that was given out by IBM at this event. It will be further recognised tomorrow morning at the main customer opening session when the winners will be announced to the world.

It seems as though I have been sending a lot of emails like this out over the last couple of years in recognition to our growing stature. This is the 4th IBM award in the last 12 months for Open Logic – anyone spot a trend? The timing could not be better. Going into these uncertain economic times awards like this give us additional credibility with both customers and IBM and are undoubtedly a key part of us opening up and winning new opportunities.


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