WebSphere Portal 8 upgrade options – presentation

Back in September 2012, I gave a presentation at the excellent WebSphere User Group in Edinburgh about options for upgrade to Portal v8. This topic has been coming up a number of times and people have been asking for the slides, so here they are:

WUG 2012 – Portal Upgrade

Since September, migration to Portal & WCM v8 has come up several times with various customers and so there are a number of things to add, in no particular order:

  • For one WCM v6 customer, we have advised simply using JCR library import tools to import the libraries directly to v8. This saves the customer a back-to-back migration tool and is viable because they don’t have portal pages or portlets to migrate. Early testing results are positive – the import works just fine, though its support status from v6 to v8 is unclear to me.
  • For another WCM & PDM v6 customer, we have constructed a custom WCI feed producer to move the content directly to v8, again avoiding a back-to-back migration. This development effort is being reused in a couple of other locations and is appropriate mainly when a re-mapping is required as part of migration (in this case because their use of PDM doesn’t map directly to WCM).
  • The migration team has told me that their latest advice is to use syndication to avoid the need to do multiple migrations. The principle is to migrate ONE environment and then use portal deployment tools e.g. XMLAccess or Syndication to promote this configuration to production. I haven’t tried this myself, but it seems logical.

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