ID207 – Achieving a multi-tenant portal infrastructure

I’ve been asked a few times recently for the slides I used at IBM Connect in the presentation “Happily Cohabiting: Achieving a multi-tenant portal infrastructure”. I gave this session with my colleague, David Eyerman, and we had an audience of about 30 – not bad for a session on the final morning of the conference.

ID207 Multitenant Portal 20130130

One of the things we’ll make clearer in future iterations of this presentation is to look at the two main reasons people do multi-tenancy. I think that will give some direction to the technical segment of the presentation. These are:

  • Website platform: in which you have a common portal infrastructure that you want to share between many tenant websites or applications.
  • Service provider platform: in which you want to provide many, identically-configured portals with low lead times, and have each portal dedicated to a different tenant.

The technical approaches we describe can then be sorted by these concepts.


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