Making a map of how the IBM Content Template Catalog works

Next week I am giving a session at an internal IBM enablement event about the Content Template Catalog v4 (CTC), which is a great resource for quickly producing websites with IBM WCM. The CTC is pretty poorly understood and so I have spent some time making a map of all of the contents of the 3 CTC design libraries that are shipped with the product. These contain the design artifacts necessary to build your own website and understanding what’s there is important when it comes to planning that new site. The three libraries concerned are:

  • CTC Design – contains the presentation templates, authoring templates and common components
  • CTC Process – contains the sample workflow and categories
  • CTC Content – contains the micro-sites that support the page templates

There is a 4th library, “CTC Demo” but since it simply instantiates the templates found in CTC Content I did not bother mapping it for now.

These maps are mind-maps that show the structure and content of the three libraries listed above. There may be occasional typos. There is no significance to the colours of the lines but in the CTC Content map, items marked in Italics are content items.

The image below links to the PDF, which contains very large images of the map.

CTC Map Thumbnail


6 thoughts on “Making a map of how the IBM Content Template Catalog works

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  2. I think it is still unclear for many how content is selected to show in different viewers. Take simple scenario – I just made a new site with Intranet template. BTW I have not found anywhere in the documentation that for CTC4-style site I have to choose “Content” profile for my site on Advanced tab. But, getting back to my point, on the landing page there’s a ribbon, have no idea where it should take the data. I think it would be great is someone in WCM team finds time and record a proper video on CTC4 site creation from start to finish, going through the intranet or internet template based site and play with different types of content to see how and where it renders. Now even after studying the documentation it is more like a trial and error,

  3. Alexey,
    Thanks for the comments! You’ll find the documentation in the upcoming CTC 4.1 release much improved. The profile issue that you mention is more clearly documented. The CTC site building process is also more clearly documented, and we intend to make a video only these lines in the near future. Stay tuned!

    Will Izard
    CTC Chief Programmer

  4. Thanks for the great info! But there is something I wasn’t sure of, as I was reading some IBM sites, CTC is capable of creating responsive themes in the pages. But how and where should I refer to? Or to be specific, is there a CTC library containing templates with responsive theme?

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