CTC Customization Walkthrough


Last week I gave a session at an internal IBM enablement event about the Content Template Catalog v4 (CTC), which is a great resource for quickly producing websites with IBM WCM. This previous post describes my exploration of the CTC as preparation for that.

I made a screenshot walkthrough of my demo in case my virtual machine failed me (it did), which I’ve uploaded here. It’s my intention in the coming days to break this up into several posts with more explanatory notes but for now here are the slides.

CTC Anatomy Walkthrough


7 thoughts on “CTC Customization Walkthrough

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  2. Very useful, and Good Explanation. But I would like to request for a little more Info.
    I created the Page Template as you explained, but I wanted to add Blog to my Details page (Say I need a blog to be created for Each Topic I create), Which doesnt allow me to do. Please advice me
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you found the page useful. I assume you mean the WCM blogs, which are just web content like everything else so you should be able to get it working. I’ve a crazy week up ahead so may not get to look too soon, but if I do figure it out I’ll be sure to make a post.

      • Thank you so much for the Reply …
        Yes I am looking for WCM blogs. I been trying this whole week , couldnt find exact solution.
        I was able to add the Blog to The Sections template. I took HTML Component “Create Sections and Topics” and added the “Create Blog” component there but, I really wants to create a ‘Section and Blog’ Together as one content item.
        Please do post the article when you have time.I am looking forward to it.

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