Handbuilt Jug, Throwing issues…

Today I spent about 5 hours or so in the studio – how time flies!

First I finished up a couple of pieces that I had made last weekend, trimming scrappy edges and generally finessing the surface. They’re bone dry so I used a brush and a little water just to smooth out imperfections. I’m fairly pleased with these, they’re a nice weight and shape – they’re ready to be fired.

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Small jug and vase with indentation

Today was a productive day in the studio. I made a vase I’m fairly pleased with, and a jug that has potential. I experimented with throwing 3-3.5kg of clay, but that wasn’t very successful.

Small jug

This jug was thrown off the hump. I managed to belly out the body and collar in the next without too much trouble, though the neck became quite delicate as I got towards the end. I made the spout with 2 fingers on my left hand supporting the rim, and 1 wet finger on my right stroking against the inside. I probably overdid this and made a small nick on the spout that I’ll clean up later. I pulled a handle which I’ll attach tomorrow.

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