Small jug and vase with indentation

Today was a productive day in the studio. I made a vase I’m fairly pleased with, and a jug that has potential. I experimented with throwing 3-3.5kg of clay, but that wasn’t very successful.

Small jug

This jug was thrown off the hump. I managed to belly out the body and collar in the next without too much trouble, though the neck became quite delicate as I got towards the end. I made the spout with 2 fingers on my left hand supporting the rim, and 1 wet finger on my right stroking against the inside. I probably overdid this and made a small nick on the spout that I’ll clean up later. I pulled a handle which I’ll attach tomorrow.

Vase with indentation

The vase is probably best piece I threw today. I managed to collar in the neck quite narrow and was fairly pleased with the proportions overall. I probably ought to have made the indentation before I collared in the neck, but I did it after I’d cut the vase off. I’m a bit worried that there might have been a puddle inside, so we’ll see if this survives firing.

Other observations from today

I tried throwing heavier weights (~3kg) today. The first attempt was quite successful, and I had made a large bowl around 30cm across. Alas then I overworked the clay and managed to make a thin point when I was pulling the wall, so the rim collapsed and I had to trash the whole thing.

Second attempt was better, but the rim collapsed. I salvaged a bottle out of the lump, but the bottom is really thick and I’ll be surprised if I bother to fire this one. Will use for trimming practice and see what I can do with it.

I put 4 indentations into this vase after I’d wired it off. I used 2 wet thumbs on opposite sides of the piece and stroked in until I had nice indentations. The intent, as with the vase with the single indentation, will be to put a dribble of some contrasting glaze into the indentation – maybe a light background and a blue splash in the dimple. We’ll see.

2017-Apr-09 - 10

Another issue today, when throwing larger weights, was that I wound up pushing too hard so the clay went irrecoverably off centre (I think the wheelhead was a little wet too). I might have used too much water, too, I think the clay got a bit soft.

Throwing off the hump was good fun, and seemed to work OK. Bizarrely, I had an easier time centring the top of the hump than I did centring a lump of clay directly on the wheelhead.

Not shown in these pictures, I threw a small bowl and a little vase from the hump. In both cases I screwed up wiring off by not being decisive enough and managed to leave an irregular base. The vase (visible in the background of the jug pics) has quite a pleasing form with a tall base and wide rim. I’m worried it’s too thin and wet and will collapse as it dries.

Plan is to go back tomorrow and trim, attach handles etc.


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