Lots of glazing

A really busy bank holiday Monday glazing 7 pieces I’ve made over the past few weeks that were queued up. Here’s the shelf of finished pieces:

Glazing - 26

Large bowl

I glazed the large bowl “Jackson Pollock style”, by throwing glaze at it. I did a first layer of tin white and then basically threw Terracolor Jupiter 665a and a Celadon at it. I tried a couple of approaches to this and used both a small bamboo brush dipped in the mixed glaze and also just my fingers. The brush gave bigger splats than my fingers did.

The end result is, at least on the unfiredĀ glaze, quite dynamic and interesting. I don’t know how the glazes will interact and move when fired but I’m hoping for some interesting effects.

Tall vase

For the tall vase (discussed previously) I decided to go for a dark inside and lighter outside, which felt like it was less usual. The inside is that Jupiter again, and the outside is tin white. I took a great care to make sure the glaze was quite precisely applied and clean.

Other pieces

I had several other pieces to glaze

  • The “coral” vessel was done by flicking glaze at the piece again, but this time focussing on blues – there’s a mix of a darker and lighter blue colour. We’ll see what happens.
  • The thin-necked vase is a mess. It’s white with a dark chun blue sort of dribbled around the shoulder of the vase. I need a lot more practice with the glaze trailer before being able to do this kind of thing precisely.
  • The fat vase is jupiter black outside and white inside.
  • The small jug is a celadon colour outside and white inside again.
  • Lastly, the big jug is a bit of a gamble. It had little indentations on the surface and I rubbed an oatmeal glaze into the surface and then applied a selection of other glazes over the top, including little dabs of the untested “soup” that we made the other week. The whole thing has a transparent glaze over the top. Last time I tried this I got lots of interesting effects, fingers crossed that happens again but chances are it’ll come out brown-green.
    The form of the jug is a bit off too, the handle is way too big and massively outsized compared to the jug.



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